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The clock, dumb as jocks on the wall is right again.

Twelve on the dot.

Right on.

The face on my watch says it’s the the witching hour

and I’m taking a broom to the kitchen floor.

There’s a loud itchin’ at the front door in my head

I know it’s not death so I don’t answer.

My hair ends up…


You are coming to woo me

but not like as of yore;

we aren’t those tomfools we were before.

Could out happy wight hearts perchance

preempted these estrang’ed glares askance?

What untaught eyes, soft as scant hair upon you brow

could have overlooked the way our…



In a photo of me as a child in Africa,

my cousins hold a lamb down 

with a hatchet over their head.

There is red blood on the clay sand.

There is a bright gold ring in it’s left ear,

and if it were a little bigger, I’d marry you with it.


Sunrise and Sunset (Quran 55:17; Surat ar-Rahman) | IslamicArtDB
رَبُّ الْمَشْرِقَيْنِ وَرَبُّ الْمَغْرِبَيْنِ
[He is] the Sustainer of the two farthest points of sunrise, and the Sustainer of the two farthest points of sunset.

Everyone (Quran 55:26 – Surat ar-Rahman Calligraphy in Ruq`a Script) | IslamicArtDB
كل من عليها فان
Everyone on it [earth] is racing toward extinction.


1.Sort out your priorities. Make time to honestly reflect on your life, and to think about what is important to you. Where are you going? What do you want? What are the steps that will take you there?

2. Focus on the essential tasks. Next, think about your short…

I advise you to prolong the length of bowing and prostration. Verily, when one of you prolongs bowing and prostration, Satan cries from behind one and says: Woe! He obeyed and I disobeyed; he did prostration and I refused.

Imam Jaffar al-Sadiq, Al-Kafi, vol. 2, p. 77  (via ma-riia)

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اللهم إن رأيتني ابتعد عنك ، فردني إليك رداً جميلاً.

— Oh Allah, if You see me getting farther away from You, return me to You in a beautiful way.

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